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  Tractors - For a Small Farm
John driving his old D4 Caterpillar. When working on a tractor in the country or mountains you must use extreme caution. This video might save your life. Please watch it.I saw these tractors on Craigs List and just had to post an encouraging note to my friends who visit this website and who are moving or planing on moving their families out to the country.

Here are three great little tractors for helping you with your garden work.

These were available on Craigs List as of 2-7-2011 and all them are 4 wheel drive.

You could purchase one of these little tractors and find a tiller and a single bladed spade ("middle buster") that Big R. sells for about $179 and you would be set. I use the Big R.s middle buster all the time before tilling, it digs deep, and loosens up big rocks, making them easier to remove.

1. SOLD  $2875 great looking tires see pictures.

2. SOLD $3100 obo, this might be the better deal.

3. http://spokane.craigslist.org/grd/2182567725.html  $4500 this one comes with two extra implements worth about $600, which would make it $3900 compared to the two above.

I like #2 the best because it has a nice canopy and a four way push blade, tires look good.

I like #1 because the tires look great and the price is the lowest.

I like #3 for the extra implements and the work he has done to get the exhaust out of your face.

At around $3000 these all appear to be bargains but you need to see them in person and watch for oil or hydraulic leaks. Also, test drive them and make sure you can get into all the gears easily. With one of these you could have a real 4x4 tractor for not much more than the price of a new riding lawn mower. What a bargain. (P.S. you could buy a brush hog mower later as a 3 pt. attachment)

(A loader is a nice item to have as well, but it would better to have a tractor with a tiller and middle buster than no tractor at all, and you could add a loader later, or when you had the money saved up, you could buy a larger tractor with a loader, and sell the little tractor without the loader. Also it is best to find 4 Wheel Drive if you can.

From my experience, a loader is handy tool to have for moving heavy objects around the farm, but the most useful implements are the tiller and middle buster, as well as a back or front blade for snow removal.)

For some good advice read this: Proverbs 12:11 and 24:27.

Please note: These smaller tractors are NOT ideal for hilly terrain because they require more expertise on slopes due to the fact that they are prone to tip over easier. (be sure to watch this video on Tractor Safety before making any purchases.)


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