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  Specializing in Mountain Property and Country Property:

Cabins on a mountain side in the Italian Alps.EnochsOutpost.com is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and especially families with children, find homes in the mountain and country places. Find Country Homes and Land Here

It has long been known that country living is the best for physical, mental and spiritual health. Learn more about why you and your family should live in the mountains and country places.

This site contains a realestate database of mountain and country property as well as country cabins and homes for sale by owners, brokers, and other real estate professionals across the United States and Canada.

Generally, the properties and homes featured here will be on 3 or more acres.

Featured Properties:

SOLD More than 20% PRICE REDUCTION!10 Acre Homestead - Tonasket, Washington, USA (Home on Acreage)

A small tractor will help your family in the country places.News:
As U.S. Cities Crumble, Demand For Rural And Suburban Properties Is SoaringI

Interesting Summary of Homeschool Regulations by State
(Includes a handy Chart)(Something to consider before moving.) 12-26-2014

Others are Seeing the Need to Leave the Cities(1-20-2013)

Irrigate your garden without the electric Grid (1-13-2013)

Training for Chaos in the Cities (12-5-2012) Time to Heed the wise man? See Proverbs 27:12

Special Sale on Solar Starter Kit

More People Killed In Chicago this year than Afghanistan War

The Coming US Class War? (1-25-2012)

A Basic Mortgage Calculator (fast and easy to use)

In Iowa, farmland boom means end of an era for many

Get More Space without More Property (11-1-2011)

Rural America now accounts for Just 16% of Population (Posted 7-29-2011)

WALMART says Prices Going UP!!! (Posted 3-31-2011.)

Vegetable Prices Jump 50% (Posted 3-16-2011.)

8.9 Earthquake and TSUNAMI (Posted 3-11-2011.)

Extreme Food Prices Here to Stay (Posted 2-24-2011.)

Increasing Food Prices Coming (Posted 2-15-2011 - And other reasons to learn to grow your own food.)

Three Great Tractor Deals that would help your Family in the Country (Posted 2-7-2011 - These tractors would be a help to many a family.)

Time to Move out of the Large Cities (3-21-2011) (A Shelter in the Time of Storm!)

Cheap and Easy to Build Greenhouse Plans (2-14-2011) (How to build a greenhouse with very little time or money!)

A Comparison of State Homeschooling Laws (2-2-2011) (If you have children, then you might find an understanding of local homeschooling laws important.)

Tractor Safety - How to Purchase a Tractor - Free Video (9-29-2009)

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"The mountains shall bring peace to the people, and the little hills, by righteousness."
              Psalms 72:3

"And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." Genesis 5:24     

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