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  Country Living Resources & Articles Archive
As Below is a list of past articles and resources on this website. We hope you find them helpful.

Time to Move out of the Large Cities (3-21-2011) (A Shelter in the Time of Storm!)

Cheap and Easy to Build Greenhouse Plans (2-14-2011) (How to build a greenhouse with very little time or money!)

Increasing Food Prices Coming (Posted 2-13-2011)
(And other reasons to learn to grow your own food.)

Three Great Tractor Deals that would help your Family in the Country (Posted 2-7-2011)(These tractors would be a help to many a family.)

A Comparison of State Homeschooling Laws (2-2-2011)
(If you have children and intend to teach them at home, then understanding the homeschooling laws for a particular state is important.)

Goverment Urges People to Move to the Countryside (1-24-2010)
(When things go bad everyone realizes, albeit usually to late, that is better to live in the country places.)

Small Tractor and Firearm Safety Video (9-29-2009)
(I have owned several tractors, yet I learned some important safety tips and tractor buying advice from this video.)

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"And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him." Genesis 5:24     

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