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Off The Grid

Solar Panel Kit - Discount Price for ThanksGiving Day $139.99 (11-22-2012) 45 watt solar panel kit (3 panels, frame, lights, controller) This is a perfect starter kit for a small cabin or toolshed. view .pdf manual. (Search the internet for the latest coupon codes for Harbor Freight and get some extras or discounts.) The 45 Watt kit is the best buy.

When we find other good sales on solar panels we will post them here.

In the mean time try searching the internet for "Discount Solar Panels". You should be looking for solar panels in the price range of $2 per watt or less. Keep in mind that smaller sized panels will have higher dollar/watt costs.

One of the most difficult things about living off the grid is running some of your standard household appliances. We currently have a off the grid cabin in the mountains of California and needed a freezer and refrigerator. If your not careful you can purchase a refrigerator or freezer that requires much more energy than other similar models. You can also pay a hefty price for some Refrigerators such as Sunfrost. After doing research based on Energy Statistics that were published on July 7th I found several good units to purchase.

The Most Energy Efficient Deep Freezers
The chest style freezer uses the least energy to keep things cold, they can be very efficient. Here are some models to consider:

1. Amana AQC22***EW Chest Freezer, it holds 21.7 cubic feet and uses just 360 kwhr/ year
2. Woods C20**E, it holds 20.3 cubic feet and uses just 415 kwhr/year
3. Kenmore 16582 and 16592, it holds 24.9 cubic feet and uses just 512 kwhr/year
4. Whirlpool EH221*, Maytag MQC22***EW, Woods C22**E, and Woods C2215W3, hold 21.7 cubic feet and use 460 kwhr/year.

View the Complete List of Energy Efficient Chest Freezers

Note:(Generally, manual defrost models are more efficient, also the above list is in order of efficiency, i.e. kwhr/year per cubic foot. It many cases it may be smart to choose a slightly less efficient refigerator or freezer in order to get one that is smaller.)

Good news for Solar Panels
This new solar technology seems to be real, prices of solar panels should start to decrease in the future unless this company nanosolar decides to exploit its proprietary technology. Hopefully other companies will discover ways to accomplish the same results.

Quality Tools
If your going to live off the grid you need to have high quality, dependable, tools. Christopher T. Fischer is a maker of high quality hand made knives, you should seriously consider owning one of his knives.

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